World of Water Inc, a PADI 5-Star dive center.  We now offer INSTRUCTOR LEVEL TRAINING along with several levels of SCUBA certifications which are grouped into "general" or "specialty" certifications. All the following are PADI certifications. World of Water offers group lessons with 4 to 8 people.  We will also schedule classes for special groups on request.  Let us know how we can help structure your training needs. 

If you served in the military you receive a 20% discount on many purchases including scuba course fees.

                                                                       NITROX ENRICHED AIR CERTIFICATION

World of Water instructors are also qualified to certify divers in other areas of specialized diving such as NITROX and mixed gases certifications.


The cost of the course is $450 plus tax (current or past military customers course fee is $360 plus tax which is a 20% discount) and includes the PADI deluxe textbook kit with e-logbook and dive planner, the pool sessions (three of them) and the use of all scuba equipment (tanks, regulator, BCD and wetsuit).  Not included is mask, fins, snorkel and weights which you must supply but as a student you get up to a 20% discount and could expect this equipment to cost $253 if you need everything. 

The course meets for a classroom session at the store at 6:30pm for 15 min. then we go across the street to a large heated outside pool at the University of Tampa for your scuba pool session.  We are done by 9pm with the pool session. This will go on for 4 evenings.  The schedule below will show what four evenings this will be for the course starting date you might select. 

Once all the pool work is completed, itís time to complete the 4 open water dives.  These dives are completed on the final weekend of the course.  You will demonstrate the skills you learned in the pool, such as mask clearing, buoyancy control and other skills, during two dives on Saturday and two dives on Sunday. The dives take place at Lake WOW  in Avon Park.  These dives will take 2 hours of time each day from 10 AM to 12 PM at the dive location.  They will be conducted in about 20 feet of depth.  You will also learn how to navigate with a compass during these dives.  The drive time from Tampa to the weekend dive locations is about 2 hours each way.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

The course of 2024 starting date is:

Feb 27, 29, March 5, 7  two week course that meets on Tue and Thu for 2 weeks for classroom and pool and weekend dives on March 9-10 at Lk Denton.

April 23, 25, 30 May 2 two week course that meets on Tue and Thu for 2 weeks for class room and pool and weekend on May 4-5 at Lk Denon.

June 3, 6,10, 13   two week course that meets on Mon and Th for 2 weeks for classroom and pool with weekend dives on Jun 15-16 at Lk Denton.

July 8, 11, 15, 18 two week course that meets on Mon and Th for 2 weeks for classroom and pool with weekend dives on July 20-21 at Lk Denton.

Aug 6, 8, 13, 15 two week course that meets on Tue and Thu for 2 weeks for classroom and pool with weekend dives on Aug 17-18 at Lk Denton.

       (please stop in to register for a class at least 4 days before it starts)



$ All courses require mask, fins, snorkel, weights and fin booties (student receive up to a 20% discount if purchases at World of Water, Inc.).
$ All students must be in good physical health otherwise must have medical doctor approval.  See us for medical release form..

ADVANCED OPEN WATER - $150 (Call for scheduling) Course is available spring through fall months and is taught on a weekend.  20% discount for military past or present.


Navigational dives, deep dives and adventure dives will be completed over two weekends and the cost will be dependent on location.  (i.e., Boynton Beach)

RESCUE DIVER with e-learning - $211.00 (Call for scheduling) Taught all year around.  20% discount for military past or present.

next class starts with you having completed the e-learning section and the next pool session is April 11, 2024 with the open water Sunday dive at Lake Denton, Avon Park, Fl. on April 14, 2024

DIVEMASTER - $650 + tax and includes all book material (Call for scheduling) Taught all year around. 

SPECIALTY DIVES - (Call for scheduling)

NITROX ENRICHED AIR CERTIFICATION - $150 + tax  includes all book material.  No diving required to receive certification.  This can be completed in one day.  20% discount for military past or present.

INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT COURSE - I you have completed your Divemaster certification then make the next step up and become an Open Water Scuba Instructor.  Click on the Go Pro IDC icon below for more information.